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Posted On: September 5, 2012 By: In: Blog |  No Comments »

Many folks take CarFax reports at face value, but CarFax does not always tell the whole picture. CarFax is only as accurate and reliable as the honesty of the parties involved in selling the vehicle(s)

Recently, I purchased a vehicle from a friend of mine who owns a local dealership. He picked the vehicle up at auction for me and it was highlighted as “Clean CarFax Report”…but was it? After I purchased the vehicle I noticed a few things on the front grill which made me start looking under in the engine compartment and under the frame. What I found surprised me. It was obvious that the vehicle had been hit on the left / front side of the vehicle. But wait! It was supposed to have a clean CarFax report. So what happened?

After talking with some of my friends in the auto industry and my trusted mechanic, CarFax reports can be faked or falsely completed. So who’s at fault when a CarFax report is reported falsely?

  • Car Dealers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Vehicle Owners
  • Auto Body Shops

Many folks involved with the disposition of a vehicle can play a part in CarFax reports not being filed or being falsely reported. It boils down to greed from all involved. By not having a negative CarFax report filed, the seller, whether the insurance company, owner, auto dealer, or body shop they will ultimately be able to sell the vehicle for more at auction or retail sale.

What can car buyers do? Answer: Always bring a pre-owned vehicle to a trusted mechanic to look the vehicle over thoroughly and ask them to  specifically look for anything that might look like body or frame damage that has been covered up. The small fee you might pay to have a vehicle looked at by another professional with no interest in the sale of the vehicle will be well worth it.

Share your comments below. Have you purchased a vehicle in the past or recently that had a false CarFax report on file?